North American Gran Toros Box

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This is the North American market "blister box" packaging.

This is the bottom of the North American box. It has a list of the first Gran Toros models.
The copyright is dated 1969. More Gran Toros would be added between 1970 and 1972.

On the list (15 models).
Ferrari Can Am
Chevy Astro II
Torpedo Dragster
Mustang Boss 302
Alfa Romeo 33
Porsche Carrera
Ferrari P4
Toyota 2000 GT
Lotus Europa
Lamborghini Miura
Ford MK II

Missing from the list (10 models).
Abarth 695ss
Ferrari 512s
Mercedes C-111
Porsche 917
Abarth 3000SP
McLaren Can Am
Pantera De Tomaso
Chaparral 2J Can Am
Lola T-212